Retreat Testimonials

During this seminar Bruce and Aude helped us listen and understand each other.

It also helped me to understand myself personally and most important what were my expectations in my relationship to my wife. 

This seminar brought back hope to a relationship where I thought hope was dead.


We were able to tell each other things we had never been able to before in a calm and respectful manner which was a game changer for us.

Aude and Bruce identified the moments when we didn't listen or understand to each other and helped us reformulate to reach good communication.


I was able to verbalize unconscious issues which allowed myself to free from old past issues. 

Aude and Bruce lead the seminar in a very kind and respectful way and make sure we work through our issues as deeply as possible. 

The rhythm of this seminar is quite intense which allows to work in depth. 


I highly recommend this seminar  !


This retreat was a breath of fresh air as we were able to find space and the opportunity to connect to each other as a couple, as well as to find the opportunity to connect with ourselves individually. 

Aude and Bruce created a loving and open space for us to communicate and dive into the issues we wanted to resolve within our relationship, as well as into issues we didn't realize were just below the surface. 

We became more connected physically and emotionally, and were able to revisit a level of intimacy that we thought was lost.

This experience was deeply healing for both of us and it has shown us that, not only there is hope for the future, but the future in our relationship will be full of love. 

We recommend this retreat highly, and recommend both Aude and Bruce for their services even higher. 


For me this retreat was an eye-opener, a game-changer. I was able to go so much deeper into the work that I had so far done with Aude. I could not recommend it enough. Aude and Bruce’s generosity, undivided attention and time was such a very precious gift. Love yourself, have a try.


I felt that the whole weekend was very tailored to my needs and the discoveries that I made as I went. I felt so supported but both Aude and Bruce and their ability to jump at all opportunities that manifested for me to go deeper into my journey, always with their caring support.


I arrived on a Saturday morning in tears, not entirely sure I wanted to/ should be there. Not for one minute did I ever look back once we had started and I came back with spring in my step in Sunday. For me, it was essential to be away in DB and not to go back to my routine on Saturday night.


It is difficult to put in words how transformative this weekend has been, how it has opened my eyes to so many things, from my past down to what my skin is telling me.


One week on, I feel stronger and ready to pursue my exciting journey. Thank you so much to Aude and Bruce for their energy, beautiful compassion, generosity and energy over these 2 days.


The weekend was a unique experience, I could learn to focus on myself, recenter, all breathing and relaxation exercises are easy to reuse in daily life.


Since this weekend, I have no more insomnia, and I am able to sleep all trough the night, like a baby. A huge thanks to Aude and Bruce for this amazing experience. Highly recommended.


This weekend was really intense in a good way. The value of this week end for me was a lot in the alternation of Aude and Bruce sessions.


It helps doing a work which would have taken weeks in separate sessions. It is a great 2 days that can truly be transforming and I would highly recommend it.