Whitehall (Bozeman) -Montana


Join us for TWO Reiki Infused Intensive Retreats


 Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Training Intensive

Energy Flow & Reiki Healing Retreat 


Join Bruce Taylor and Christine Renee (ReikiCafe/Bozeman Based) for two Reiki based retreats in Whitehall, Montana at the beautiful Sage Mountain Resort.  

 Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Training Intensive Retreat:

Led by Bruce Taylor (Usui Reiki Ryoho Teacher) and Christine Renee (Reiki Master Teacher) this retreat will focus on the Master Certification within Usui Reiki Ryoho - URR - (The traditional lineage of Reiki as initially taught by Sensei Usui)

This retreat will be an intensive overview of the first two levels of URR allowing those who may have learned under the Western Lineages of Reiki to further incorporate the fundamentals of URR into their understanding and practice of Reiki.  

From here, participants will dive into the full practice of URR inclusive of all meditations, theory, healing practices, precepts, symbols and knowledge applied at the Master Level.  
Participants will also engage in healing work on each other, discussions and incorporation of extended theory (breathwork, meditations, detachment practices and so on) as well as have detailed discussions on starting your Reiki practice and practical business advice.  
Full URR Master Certification is provided at the completion of the course, in addition to all URR manuals used by Bruce Taylor for levels 1-3 

Space is strictly limited to 10 participants.  

Price inclusive of lodging and meals:
$1400 USD/person

Price exclusive of transport, insurance, personal expenses 

 Energy Flow & Reiki Healing Retreat

Join Bruce and Christine for this transformative healing retreat at Sage Mountain Retreat in

Whitehall , Montana.  


Giving you space to fully release tension, stress, limitations, and disease and the understanding and tools to step further into your true self, and your fullest potential.  

Within this retreat Christine and Bruce will take all participants deep within all aspects of their bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies) to help uncover, release and balance any aspects of resistance or blockages.  

With focused workshops, meditations, breathwork, Reiki healing, movement and talk therapy included, participants will dive into each energy center of the body and explore the root cause of individual blockages.  From here you will be guided into an understanding and space where you are free and able to release that which is holding you back thus stepping into your more ideal nature of balance, health and harmony.  

Space is strictly limited to 10 participants

Price inclusive of lodging and meals:
$1400 USD/person

Price exclusive of transport, insurance, personal expenses