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Join us for our ongoing Individual and Couple's Intensive Weekend Retreats in Hong Kong. 


























Within the individual wellbeing weekends, the structure will be based around supportive group and individual sessions.  These retreats help you to develop strategies to move deeper in your life, unlocking and releasing blockages, identifying limitations and giving you the tools needed to step into your true self.   The dynamics within our group therapy sessions allow theory and practice to merge in a way that all participants will leave with a newfound skill set that can be utilized within their lives well beyond this weekend intensive.  This weekend is ideal for individuals looking to let their mind, body, and soul evolve...to stepping into their true and ideal self. 

The work during the individual intensive weekend is further supported with private sessions per client as needed and as time allows where either Aude or Bruce will work with each individual to assess needs, areas for growth, and strategies to arrive at these goals. 


Within the couple therapy weekends, couples will  receive one-one intensive training from both Aude and Bruce, meeting the relationship where it is currently, and helping you both unlock the full potential of your relationship.

As this is an intensive weekend, your privacy will always be maintained in that there will be no group work or interaction with other clients.  All work will be between you, the couple, and both Aude and Bruce.

  Our time with you is for you, and our approach will be specifically designed around your needs and our understanding of your relationship. 

All guests, for both the Individual OR Couple Intensive

will stay at the Auberge Hotel in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, a hotel that is central to both of our retreat locations in Discovery Bay.  Transport within Discovery Bay is quick and efficient and all amenities (restaurants, bars, hiking/nature, etc) are just at your doorstep.

Retreats for Individuals

Discovery Bay - Hong Kong

Overnight @ The Auberge Hotel

Retreats for Couples


Discovery Bay - Hong Kong

Weekend @ The Auberge Hotel


$5000 HKD/Person

Exclusive of Lodging, Food, Travel and Personal Expenses


$14000 HKD/Couple

Exclusive of Lodging, Food, Travel and Personal Expenses

What Separates This Retreat From Other Retreats? 

  • Each Individual or Couple's Experience is Tailored to Meet their Specific Needs and Goals.  This is NOT a One Size Fits All, Scheduled and Programmed, Generalized Wellbeing Experience.

  • Because Each Person and Couple is Unique, Your Experience In This Retreat Will Be Designed To Meet YOUR Needs, With YOUR Personal and/or Relationship Goals As The Focus

  • Experience The Perfect Fusion Of Group AND Individual Focused Work

  • This Is NOT Your Standard Surface Level Wellbeing Retreat. This Is Your Opportunity To Transform.  Are You Ready? 

What To Expect From This Retreat

  • Transform Your Personal and/or Relationship To Higher Levels, Stepping Into A More Harmonious Rhythm With Yourself and Your Loved One

  • Unlock Your OWN Happiness And Move Forward In Your Life OR Together (As Every Happy Couple Is Based Off TWO Balanced and Happy Individuals). 

  • Deepen Personal and/or Couple Communication, Unlock Love and Tenderness, And Evolve Personally or As A Pair

  • Heighten, Open, Unlock and Develop New Levels of Intimacy as a Couple.  

  • Goal and Result Driven Retreats Focused on Getting YOU to YOUR True Self.