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Door County, Wisconsin -USA

19-22 June 2020

Join us for 5 transformative days in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin - USA.  A place quite appropriately called The Cape Cod of the Midwest


Boasting over 300 miles of shorline, no chain businesses of any sort, 53 public beaches and a multitude of state parks (including one of the state's only Wilderness State Parks) the beauty of Door County is hard to overstate. 
Let the tranquility of your accommodation, and the natural daily rhythm within this healing county transport you away from your daily life and allow this space to deepen and restore your relationship, your intimacy, and your life as a couple.


This is your time to be free of stress and reconnect fully.


During this retreat each couple will receive a minimum of 10 hours of group and couple therapy in which both Aude and Bruce will bring their expertise to your relationship, helping you cultivate space and intimacy, thus elevating your relationship to a new level.


Couples will experience group and individual therapy, guided meditations, energy and tantric work, hypnotherapy and talk therapy via non-violent communication, morning yoga classes by the beach, all specifically designed to meet each couple where they are, unlock barriers in the relationship or to facilitate the next step.


This is time for you, as a couple, to connect, grow, and strengthen your bond.


We are currently sourcing locations for this retreat, but rest assured the destination will offer intimacy, peace, and an environment to let you flourish within this experience.


We look forward to welcoming you on this deeply transformative retreat.