Bali - Indonesia
30 April-4 May, 2020

For Couples
7 May-11 May, 2020

For Individuals

Join us for 5 transformative days in Bali, Indonesia - The Island of the Gods.


Let the energy of this island, the tranquility of your accommodation, and the natural daily rhythm within this healing space transport you away from your daily life and allow this space to deepen and restore your relationship, your intimacy, and your life as an Individual OR as a Couple.


This is your time to be free of stress and reconnect fully.


During either the Couple OR Individual Retreat, guests will receive group and couple therapy in which both Aude and Bruce will bring their decades of combined, extensive expertise to you, be that as an individual OR as a couple, thus helping you transform and step into your ideal self or selves.  


Retreats for Individuals or Couples will experience group and individual therapy, guided evening meditations, energy and tantric relationship (self or couple) work, hypnotherapy, Sophrology, talk therapy via non-violent communication, yoga & mindfulness practice, deep breathwork and energy healing.  All of these modalities are specifically designed to meet each individual or couple where they are, unlock barriers in the relationship or to facilitate the next step.


This is time for you to connect, grow and strengthen.  This is time to really step into your light.  




Couple Retreat
Exclusive of Lodging, Food, Transportation, and Other Costs

$24500 HKD Per Couple

Individual Retreat 
Exclusive of Lodging, Food, Transportation, and Other Costs

$12000 HKD Per Person

We are currently sourcing locations for this retreat, but rest assured the destination will offer intimacy, peace, and an environment to let you flourish within this experience.


We look forward to welcoming you on this deeply transformative retreat.

What Separates This Retreat From Other Retreats? 

  • Each Individual or Couple's Experience is Tailored to Meet their Specific Needs and Goals.  This is NOT a One Size Fits All, Scheduled and Programmed, Generalized Wellbeing Experience.

  • Because Each Person and Couple is Unique, Your Experience In This Retreat Will Be Designed To Meet YOUR Needs, With YOUR Personal and/or Relationship Goals As The Focus

  • Experience The Perfect Fusion Of Group AND Individual Focused Work

  • This Is NOT Your Standard Surface Level Wellbeing Retreat. This Is Your Opportunity To Transform.  Are You Ready? 

What To Expect From This Retreat

  • Transform Your Personal and/or Relationship To Higher Levels, Stepping Into A More Harmonious Rhythm With Yourself and Your Loved One

  • Unlock Your OWN Happiness And Move Forward In Your Life OR Together (As Every Happy Couple Is Based Off TWO Balanced and Happy Individuals). 

  • Deepen Personal and/or Couple Communication, Unlock Love and Tenderness, And Evolve Personally or As A Pair

  • Heighten, Open, Unlock and Develop New Levels of Intimacy as a Couple.  

  • Goal and Result Driven Retreats Focused on Getting YOU to YOUR True Self.